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Who are We

Bosetti Paint

Our company Bosetti Paint and Chemical Industry and Trade Incorporation In the first year of entry into the industry it has developed high quality products, glass and glassware industry. Over time, it started to operate in the fields of plastic, metal, industrial products. Contemporary and modern production technology as well as his work with R & D “has earned pioneering and innovative” identity. Due to the use of special production technologies to meet customer needs has made rapid progress in the paint industry. It has gained prestige on the market with its quality, reliable and inexpensive personalized products. Bosetti will continue to serve our country and foreign markets with environmentally friendly, sustainable and innovative work.


Has a stable grow and reliable structure, production, sales channel and professional management approach, serving domestic and global markets. With modern technology and AR-GE studies, it offers a pioneering and competitive service with low cost special production to meet customer needs and expectations.


With its sustainable program that is friendly, innovative and making difference, it aims to dominate domestic and global markets by adding color to its life.